Path to oblivion: How did the Carolina Panthers get here, and what comes next?

The misery never ends...
David Tepper
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Carolina Panthers are at a crossroads

Bad habits and trauma can be quite difficult to shake and recover from. Trevor Lawrence looked much more competent in Year 2 after the Jacksonville Jaguars brought in Doug Pederson to become head coach and implement his offense. However, this season, I have seen remnants of the poor tendencies and decision-making from the quarterback that I felt appeared to be new byproducts of his rookie NFL season.

Lawrence still shows a great deal of promise and talent, and he has plenty of blank pages to fill in his story. But it’s a real thing.

I don’t know what happens in the immediate future with the Carolina Panthers and their coaching staff. David Tepper is the only person who would have an actual inclination as to how he’s feeling about this all. We mere mortals can only speculate.

It was reported over the weekend by Dianna Russini of The Athletic that ownership isn’t pleased with the offense and development up to this point. In Monday's press conference, Frank Reich wouldn't provide an answer on whether or not he'd be taking back the play-calling duties from Thomas Brown after just three games since relieving himself of those duties.

I believe in Bryce Young, still - perhaps even more than before since I’ve seen him make some tremendous plays against NFL opponents. I’ve also seen too much of what can, and likely will, happen if this organization doesn’t build a successful team around the Heisman Trophy winner.

Bad habits will develop. Confidence will dim until it’s entirely blacked out. This team cannot afford to have those problems come to fruition, and I don’t have any interest in seeing Young become a victim of avoidable incompetence.

The accountability for these failures lands at the feet of those who hired the coaching staff and front office, built the roster, relayed the false messaging, and refused to adjust once they saw those decisions were not working successfully. For those keeping score at home, that would be the general manager, the coaching staff, and the owner.

The owner cannot be relieved of his duties unless he chooses to move on, or he’s a detriment to the human species like Dan Snyder. As for the other positions, it’s hard to imagine that every one of their backsides isn’t roasting like chestnuts on an open fire.

Matt Rhule was fired by Tepper after a 37-15 home loss against the San Franciso 49ers. The stadium seats were decorated with red and gold more so than black and process blue. It was embarrassing.

The Carolina Panthers game this coming Sunday… the Dallas Cowboys come to town after shrinking the New York Giants 49-17.

Dallas fans travel notoriously well - and they also exist in every state, much like their sister teams of the Los Angeles Lakers and New York Yankees.

History does have a way of repeating itself. I, for one, will be paying close attention to the result of the game and turnout inside Bank of America Stadium this weekend.