Predicting the Carolina Panthers next four games after 0-4 start in 2023

Things are not looking good for the Carolina Panthers...
Bryce Young
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Carolina Panthers vs. Texans - Week 8

If the Carolina Panthers are winless at the bye - which is entirely plausible given the current state of affairs - then some huge alterations are needed. Whether that's through reinforcements, recouping some draft capital by parting ways with an established veteran or two, or from a schematic standpoint following what will likely be some passionate discussions among the coaching staff during the team's prolonged rest period.

One solace for the Panthers is they are on home soil upon resuming regular season engagements. The Houston Texans come to town in Week 8, which pits the top two selections in the 2023 NFL Draft up against one another for the first time in their pro careers.

There's already been much debate about whether the Panthers made the right call. Bryce Young certainly looks the part despite operating within a restrictive scheme, but one cannot ignore the sensational start C.J. Stroud has made to life with the Texans en route to some borderline historic rookie numbers through four weeks.

Stroud and Young are good friends and no doubt happy for one another's success. The media narratives surrounding this contest will be out of control if the Texans continue their outstanding start to the campaign, but Carolina should be fresh and raring to go - especially returning right guard Austin Corbett.

Prediction: Win (1-6)

The Panthers have to win sometime, right? This feels like as good a place as any, although underestimating Stroud and a Houston team revitalized under head coach DeMeco Ryans would be incredibly foolish.