Predicting the Carolina Panthers next four games after 1-9 start in 2023

Could things be looking up?
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Carolina Panthers vs. Falcons - Week 15

All the hope that existed around the Carolina Panthers before the first time they played the Atlanta Falcons this season is long gone. Their 24-10 loss at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium was just the beginning of a turbulent campaign that might get much worse before it gets better moving forward.

The Falcons will be brimming with confidence following their opening Week 1 matchup. A lot's happened since then, but Atlanta has a terrible record on the road that shouldn't go unnoticed by the Panthers during their game-week preparations.

Home advantage is not something the Panthers normally benefit from. If the Falcons still harbor legitimate hopes of winning the NFC South by this point, one suspects Bank of America Stadium will be a sea of red for this one.

That's something the Panthers will take into consideration, but their goal should remain the same. Stopping the Falcons' outstanding rushing attack is objective No. 1, swiftly followed by piling pressure on quarterback Desmond Ridder in the hope it leads to turnover opportunities.

Things aren't going well for the Panthers, we get it. But they should have absolutely nothing to fear versus Atlanta provided everyone finally starts performing to the levels anticipated.

Prediction: Win (3-11)

Going 2-2 over the next four games would be a step in the right direction. But nobody would be surprised if Carolina ended up going 0-4 from these games, either.