Ranking the top-four Carolina Panthers draft QB targets after pro day exploits

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How could the Carolina Panthers rank the top quarterbacks in the 2023 NFL Draft based on their recent pro-day showings across the country?

It's been a whirlwind fortnight for the Carolina Panthers as they took in pro days around the United States ahead of the all-important 2023 NFL Draft. And as expected, there was one particular position on their minds. 

The Panthers control the draft after surging up to No. 1 overall. It cost a significant amount of compensation and wide receiver D.J. Moore, but this will be inconsequential if Carolina gets its franchise quarterback of the future. 

Nothing has yet been ruled out by those in power. Whether the pro days have altered this perception is anyone's guess, but there promise to be some thorough discussions between influential figures in the coming weeks before concluding. 

With this in mind, we projected how the Panthers might rank the consensus top-four quarterback prospects after their pro-day exploits. 

Quarterback No. 4

Carolina Panthers
Will Levis / Jeff Faughender/Courier Journal and USA

Carolina Panthers could draft Will Levis

If one quarterback is falling behind the rest, it's Will Levis. The Kentucky product looks like a work in progress despite some exceptional athletic attributes and there appears to be less fanfare surrounding his chances of being the Carolina Panthers' pick at No. 1 overall compared to others. 

Levis will still go in the top 10 unless something drastic occurs in the coming weeks. But it would be nothing short of a bombshell if this was the signal-caller Carolina took atop the draft.