Realistic expectations for every Carolina Panthers draft pick in 2023

Jonathan Mingo
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Jonathan Mingo - Carolina Panthers WR

The Carolina Panthers were targeting a wide receiver in this year's draft all along, and likely early, too. They were able to get the one they have had their eyes on since the Senior Bowl in the form of Ole Miss product Jonathan Mingo.

As a former four-star high school recruit, Mingo offers a dense, 6-foot-2, 220-pound frame that allows him to flash the ability to box out defenders at the catch point like a power forward. He offers a great catch radius, good speed, acceleration, and the explosiveness to stack corners and create separation from both the outside and the slot.

Overall, there is plenty to like about about the Panthers new receiver.

Even so, most skill position players coming from a vertical tempo offense with face a long transition, especially when it comes to route trees and overall route running ability. Mingo struggles in these areas despite flashes showing the capability to potentially run every route in the book.

With D.J. Chark, Adam Thielen, and Terrace Marshall Jr. expected to be the top three wideouts for Carolina, the expectations for Mingo in Year 1 should be to compete for snaps as the No. 4 receiver in certain zero personnel packages. The second-team All-SEC wideout will likely begin his playing time working as a big slot while developing release packages and sharpening routes.

However, by Year 3, Mingo should be a likely starter. Whether that is the slot, "X", or "Z" receiver remains to be seen.

He certainly has the potential to play any of the three spots. How wide receivers' coach Shawn Jefferson works with Mingo and how the latter responds to his development will be crucial to his success in this league.