Should Cam Newton accept Antonio Brown's National Arena League offer?

Cam Newton
Cam Newton / Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Should former Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton accept Antonio Brown's offer to play one game for his National Arena League team?

Cam Newton's quest for one last shot at becoming a productive NFL starting quarterback seems to be falling on deaf ears currently. Whether that will change or not before he officially calls it a day is another matter.

The former Carolina Panthers signal-caller has missed the best part of two seasons aside from his brief, almost unbelievable return to the franchise that cast him aside in 2021. But no offers appear forthcoming despite Newton stating he'd been in contact with a few teams before the 2023 NFL Draft.

Newton will continue trying, although he's got many other interests keeping him busy during an enforced transition away from football. But the former NFL MVP and Heisman Trophy winner now has an official offer on the table from Antonio Brown to revive his career with the National Arena League.

Cam Newton has an official National Arena League offer from Antonio Brown

The four-time All-Pro, who also finds himself in the NFL wilderness through his own doing, owns the Albany Empire. Brown offered Newton $150,000 for one game alongside him next month via Twitter, but whether it's something other than a publicity stunt or not is highly debatable.

"If anybody has seen Cameron Newton let him know he hasn’t thrown me a touchdown in a game yet and now we finally can make it happen 6/16/23 in Albany NYC! I’m offering Cam 150k for one game play with me please spam his account #AceBoogieToAB."

Antonio Brown via Twitter

Whether this sort of offer would warrant a response from Newton remains to be seen. It's decent money for one night's work by anyone's imagination, but it's not like he needs it having made $133.54 million just from contracts throughout his playing career.

This would certainly provide the National Arena League with more exposure than they've ever had. But if Newton is serious about finding a route back into the NFL, it's something he'd be wise to avoid.

Newton seems to be taking a relaxed approach to his current predicament. He doesn't owe the game anything, but it's clear there is a fire that still burns inside the player to finish on a high rather than seeing his glittering career gradually extinguish.

Besides, there's a chance Newton wouldn't even get paid by Brown. Just ask his chef.

It's a fun story that provoked some debate across the fanbase on social media. But the fact the offer has yet to draw a response from the iconic figure probably tells its own story.