What will Michael Barrett bring to the Carolina Panthers?

Dan Morgan has concluded his first draft as general manager.
Michael Barrett
Michael Barrett / Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The Carolina Panthers have officially concluded their 2024 NFL Draft. It's been a rollercoaster ride as expected, but there's been an unassuming approach from general manager Dan Morgan - something that indicates team owner David Tepper was merely an observer as promised.

Whether this class can cement the building blocks for a brighter future remains to be seen. Morgan and Dave Canales seem confident they found the correct characters and some intriguing pieces for the long term. There's also the small matter of undrafted free agency to get through before fans get a better lay of the land.

Carolina Panthers draft Michael Barrett at No. 240 overall

At the very least, there was a more strategic method of picking prospects and striking when they felt there was value to be had regarding trade activity. Now, the onus is on Canales and his staff to put their ambitious schematic ideas and coaching methods into motion over the next few months before competitive action begins once again.

The Panthers ended their 2024 draft with pick No. 240 overall. This was acquired during the late-round swap with the Pittsburgh Steelers to secure wide receiver Diontae Johnson. Something that led Morgan to Michael Barrett - a linebacker out of Michigan.

This was a flier pick by the Panthers - which is normally the case with seventh-round selections. For every Brock Purdy, 1,000 others cannot meet the required standards. They might have the contract, but it's a case of starting from the bottom up.

Barrett isn't the most physically gifted or the biggest second-level presence that's ever entered the NFL, but he's got the heart of a lion. He's fast to the football and intelligent enough to identify run concepts quickly. The player is also an asset in blitz packages, which might be something Ejiro Evero uses depending on his transition and the situation.

The lack of length and overall athleticism is concerning. Barrett also needs to develop his tackling technique, especially considering the hip-drop ruling coming into effect. That said, there's a good chance he'd have gone higher without his 4.7-second 40-yard dash.

Morgan feels like the Panthers have enhanced their potential fortunes over the last few days. They made a concerted effort to surround quarterback Bryce Young with playmakers, got some intriguing development pieces on defense, and worked in unison in pursuit of a common goal.

And just like that, the curtain comes down on the college selection process. But for the Panthers and their 2024 class, the hard work is just getting started.