Panthers cut to 53

Editorial Staff

Well its official, the Panthers have dropped their roster to 53 players. They were not to many huge surprises but the Panthers definitely made a few moves that took you back a bit, including cutting last year’s starting fullback Tony Fiammetta, running back Tyrell Sutton and Corey Irvin. Fiammetta has been out with an injury for the past few weeks and the Panthers recently claimed Jerome Felton from the Lions and it looks like he will now be the starting fullback.

Another competitive position was the sixth receiver spot. David Clowney, Wallace Wright and Charly Martin all battled for the position with Clowney, the former Jet making the roster. This was probably the right move in my opinion. Clowney is the best receiver of the bunch and has a lot more experience than the other two who are more special teamer guys than receivers.

Outside of Irvin, the Panthers also cut two other defensive tackles, DelJuan Robinson and Nick Hayden, leaving the team with only three active tackles most likely meaning the team is actively looking for a free agent to pick up to help shore up the position.

The same can be said for the cornerback position. The team kept only three corners, Chris Gamble, Captain Munnerlynn and R.J. Stanford, meaning that will most likely try to pick up another to help provide depth at that position. Former Carolina University corner Kendric Burney didn’t make the squad but the team hopes to keep him on the practice squad.

One odd move was the Panthers choose to keep five safeties. The team has starters Sherrod Martin and Charles Godfrey, then kept Jordan Pugh, Kevin Payne and Sean Considine

Here is the final list of the teams cuts for today.

WR Darvin Adams

WR Jamorris Warren

WR Charly Martin

WR Wallace Wright

CB Kendric Burney

CB Robert McClain

CB Chevis Jackson

CB C.J. Wilson

DE Ugo Chinasa

DE Malcolm Tatum

T Jacob Bender

C John Gianninoto

C Ryan Pugh

S Michael Greco

DT Nick Hayden

DT Corvey Irvin

DT DelJuan Robinson

K Adi Kunalic

TE Greg Smith

RB Tyrell Sutton

RB Josh Vaughn

FB Tony Fiammetta

LB Sean Ware

LB Lawrence Wilson