4 Panthers who can help end 2022 season on a high at the Saints

(Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports) Sam Darnold
(Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports) Sam Darnold /
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Which Carolina Panthers players can help the team end another turbulent season on a high at the New Orleans Saints in Week 18?

Well, that dream was fun while it lasted. The Carolina Panthers came crashing back to reality on Sunday as Tom Brady led another late-game comeback to squash the dreams of a cinderella run through the playoffs.

Even with an almost miracle that turned sour in the final quarter, this game was ugly for the Panthers. There is no getting around that.

The rushing attack once again managed to disappear – whether because of coaching or a simple lack of production. Carolina crumbled around it when the fanbase needed them to perform.

The defensive backfield, once the strength of the team, also became a vulnerability with blown coverage across the board. The simple fact is they were being outclassed by the Tampa Bay Buccanneers’ wide receiver group.

It was a sobering wake-up call. But in some ways a needed one.

This team is not a contender by a long shot as currently constructed. Injuries played a massive part, but there are still plenty of holes even when completely healthy.

With that said, the Panthers can still end the season on a relatively high note if the team can pull out a win at the New Orleans Saints. Here are four Panthers players who’ll be crucial to any success.