3 challenges facing the Carolina Panthers during latest head coaching search

Numerous things loom over the Carolina Panthers, including the search for a new head coach...
David Tepper
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What significant challenges are the Carolina Panthers facing in their quest to finally find the right head coach to take the franchise forward?

After a disastrous 1-10 start to the season, David Tepper fired Frank Reich. He will be looking for his fourth head coach since becoming Carolina Panthers owner.

The biggest key to success in the NFL is having a good coaching staff. Carolina has whiffed on new coaches twice since moving on from Ron Rivera in 2019. A third miss in a row would put the Panthers securely as a bottom-tier organization around the league.

Names such as Ben Johnson, Jim Harbaugh, and Bill Belichick have already been thrown in the mix for the opening in Carolina. Notable former Panthers tight end Greg Olsen has also shown interest, however unlikely that might be.

But a few big challenges are ahead in the Panthers search for a new coach. Here are three of the biggest.

Carolina Panthers face competition for top names

Before the Carolina Panthers relieved Frank Reich of his duties, the Las Vegas Raiders fired Josh McDaniels. Several other teams will likely join them when the campaign concludes.

The Washington Commanders. Los Angeles Chargers, New England Patriots, Chicago Bears, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and even the Buffalo Bills may decide to go for a new head coach in the offseason. That would create at least another 4-6 job openings for prospective candidates.

Including this hypothetical vacancy list with the two current openings in Las Vegas and Carolina, the Panthers would be one of the least attractive openings for numerous reasons, despite having Bryce Young and a solid defense.