3 critical matchups that will decide Carolina Panthers vs. Colts in Week 9

Time to start building momentum...

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Carolina Panthers QB Bryce Young vs. Colts secondary

Bryce Young had a great game on Sunday. But it remains to be seen if a breakout can be turned into momentum and consistency for the rookie quarterback.

The first passer rating of more than 100, first win, and first time throwing for over 230 yards without a pick. All things that Young can build upon to start showing the NFL world why the Carolina Panthers picked the former Alabama star No. 1 overall.

Something that may come a bit easier against an Indianapolis Colts team looking to bounce back after a rough showing against the New Orleans Saints.

The Colts' secondary let up over 300 yards of passing offense to the Saints on Sunday. This doesn't sound terrible until you consider a couple of things.

New Orleans was also able to rush for over 160 yards and there were only 20 completed passes as well. Both were incredibly worrying trends for a defense that had been rather stingy of late.

This could potentially become another statement game for Young. Prove that you can do what some of the best quarterbacks in the league can do. Taking advantage of a reeling Colts defense looking to make a point would go a long way to cementing his claims as a franchise presence under center.