3 crucial matchups that will decide Carolina Panthers vs. Texans in Week 8

The Carolina Panthers have to win in Week 8...

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Carolina Panthers OC Thomas Brown vs. Expecations

This is not a matchup so to speak, just something to keep an eye on this week. The Carolina Panthers are turning to first-year offensive coordinator Thomas Brown to call the plays for a unit that has been stuck in the weeds since Week 1.

Brown's lack of experience is a concern. The young coordinator has only been in the NFL coaching world for a few years at this point, but those years were with a Super Bowl-winning team - that kind of experience is invaluable.

Everyone has to start somewhere. Even the great Tom Landry had his debut game. Not that Brown will come anywhere close to that level of legend, but the point still stands.

There will be growing pains. There will be head-scratching moments. But that isn't what this change is about. This change is to try and see if anything can breathe life into this team.

A change of scenery, so to speak, can be an amazing thing. Look at how quickly the Detroit Lions were able to turn things around when finally given a staff that knew how to win in the NFL.

That isn't to say that the Panthers will miraculously become a playoff team and go on a run from a change as relatively minor as this one. However, looking closely at just how this offense responds to a new voice in the locker room will prove incredibly valuable moving forward.

Don't expect anything spectacular this week. A massive offensive performance should be the last thing on anyone's mind. But even so, keeping track of the little things, especially in the run game, will show just what Carolina can do going forward.

And that is the most valuable thing for the Panthers at this point in the season.