3 dream pairings to help Carolina Panthers QB Bryce Young flourish in 2024

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Bryce Young
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Carolina Panthers could pair Troy Franklin with Bryce Young

My following statement is merely a prediction, and it might be too early to determine its accuracy. We are unsure if Troy Franklin will be available for selection at the No. 33 overall selection. However, the 2024 NFL Draft class is brimming with many talented and promising wide receivers.

In such a scenario, the Carolina Panthers should make the most of this opportunity and draft the best player from this group.

Franklin, the junior out of Oregon, caught immediate attention with his impressive season. He hauled in 81 receptions for 1,383 receiving yards and 14 touchdowns, averaging 17.1 yards per catch. There were highlight-reel plays aplenty from the explosive wideout.

The 20-year-old wide receiver possesses exceptional speed and a diverse route tree, which the Panthers desperately need in the locker room. Bryce Young would perform exceedingly well with a pass-catcher who can disrupt the defense by accelerating off the line of scrimmage.

Franklin's ability to make a difference is similar to Young's college teammate Jameson Williams, who currently plays for the Detroit Lions. One could even compare his skill set to Robbie Chosen Anderson during his only productive season with the Panthers.

Although the speedster may not have an ideal physique, we have seen that it is only a small part of what makes a player great. As we witnessed in the case of Young, despite being sacked 62 times, he remained resilient throughout the season. If Franklin is still available at No. 33, he would be a great addition to the depleted Panthers roster.