3 free-agent NFC South moves that should terrify Carolina Panthers fans

The Carolina Panthers must be wary...

Kirk Cousins
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Which free-agent moves around the NFC South should terrify Carolina Panthers fans heading into the 2024 campaign?

The Carolina Panthers have been busy focusing on improving their roster this offseason rather than worrying too much about everything transpiring in the NFC South. It's been relatively quiet in terms of movement across the division, something that might work in Dave Canales' favor if his new-look squad comes together quickly when preparations for the new campaign begin.

It's a lot to ask, but Canales is confident. The head coach recently stated that if his team improves on the fundamentals and starts protecting the football more effectively, they could have a lively chance to mount a title challenge. That seems a little ambitious despite first-to-worst scenarios occurring regularly.

Fans are approaching with a sense of hope while also remembering they've been fooled before. There are reasons for optimism, but tempering expectations is probably the right way to go until the Panthers become a team to be proud of once again.

How things pan out will be fascinating to watch. Until then, here are three free-agent moves around the NFC South that should terrify Panthers fans in 2024.

Cedrick Wilson

The word terrify is a stretch with this one, but the New Orleans Saints haven't done much during the offseason thanks in no small part to their salary-cap restrictions. However, there is some untapped potential with Cedrick Wilson that warrants respect.

Wilson is 6-foot-2 with the athleticism to match. He's been down the Miami Dolphins' pecking order as a proverbial afterthought behind the likes of Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle. With Michael Thomas no longer around, this could be the opportunity he's been waiting for if the pass-catcher hits it off with Saints' quarterback Derek Carr.

The Carolina Panthers aren't blessed with much cornerback depth. There's time for that to change, but Wilson is a threat if he thrives as a focal point at long last.