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Carolina Panthers should let Thomas Brown and Bryce Young cook

When I read the news that Frank Reich decided to give up play-calling duties, the first thing that came to my mind was "It's about time". This was long overdue and in the Week 8 game versus the Houston Texans, Thomas Brown showed flashes of what he could do as lead play-caller.

Brown dialed up many looks that the Carolina Panthers hadn't displayed under Reich. It was also exciting to watch rookie quarterback Bryce Young play the position with extra freedom.

Young - with a fresh new arm sleeve - let it fly in his first game with Brown calling the shots. The franchise quarterback launched three passes of 20-plus yards and completed two of them.

His teammates did not do him much justice - there were quite a few drops that held Young from having a near-perfect day. All talks of suspect arm talent should be put on hold after his showing against the Texans.

The duo looked very bright despite wide receiver drops, costly sacks, and a point left on the board by a missed extra point. However, it is clear that the chemistry between Brown and his quarterback will improve moving forward.

And who knows, it could very well fast track this franchise back to relevancy.