3 pivotal matchups the Carolina Panthers must win at Seahawks in Week 3

The Carolina Panthers have to win these matchups in Week 3.

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What matchups should Carolina Panthers fans pay close attention to in Week 3 when Frank Reich's men travel to the Seattle Seahawks?

There are no words to describe the pain that Week 2 instilled in the Carolina Panthers fandom.

All of the hype, all of the pomp and circumstance came crashing down in spectacular fashion during what will likely be the only Monday night game the team gets this year. The blame for this lies squarely on the Bryce Young-led offense.

Inept is the only way to describe what the Panthers did on the offensive side of the ball. Young seemingly had zero ability to stretch the ball beyond five yards and with this limitation, the team's receiving core had little opportunity to get open.

This also had the adverse effect of minimizing the Panthers' ability in the run game as the New Orleans Saints were able to sit close to the line and adjust to whatever Carolina cooked up. Not that there was much creativity as far as that is concerned.

But with that said, the Panthers' defense was nothing short of spectacular and is the only reason the game was within reach for as long as it was. There is something special brewing with Ejiro Evero if the offense can only catch up in time to capitalize.

Things won't be any easier in Week 3 as the Panthers battle against an old foe in the Seattle Seahawks. While neither team is at the heights of those unforgettable playoff battles, this will still be an incredibly stiff test for a reeling squad.

But what matchups will prove vital for the Panthers come up with the unlikely win?