3 players the Carolina Panthers must make room for on their final 2023 roster

- The imposing DL

- The resurgent CB

- The progressive RB

Marquan McCall
Marquan McCall / Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports
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Which players must the Carolina Panthers make room for when the time comes to finalize their 53-man roster ahead of Week 1?

If you’re anything like me, you probably have notifications set up on a minimum of about five apps to let you know when an NFL transaction – specifically involving the Carolina Panthers – has been made. Whether it’s a free agent signing or a blockbuster trade, it’s a new face in a new place.

In the NFL off-season, these transactions have my cell phone vibrating more often than one of Jhene Aiko’s meditation singing bowls.

Not every transaction is created equally, of course. Many will fly under the radar and seem insignificant, and then others will immediately grab your attention with a household name and leave a lingering impression.

For franchises around the league, however, each transaction carries its own value. The composition of an NFL roster is a tedious, difficult task to complete for the front office and coaching staff.

The starting units on the depth chart are the glamorous groups. The quarterback position is the most important position in the NFL and the starter is usually the most recognizable player on their team.

Bryce Young fits that bill. After the signal caller, there are star players and fan favorites littered throughout the rest of the roster.

For this article, however, I want to shine the spotlight on a few players that may not be the first names that come to mind for this Panthers team. But they could prove to be impact individuals that carve out a bit of their own real estate in the minds of fans during the 2023 season.

First up…