3 reasons Bryce Young is the perfect quarterback for Carolina Panthers revolution

Bryce Young
Bryce Young / Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports
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Carolina Panthers have a complete performer in Bryce Young

There are very few flaws in Bryce Young's game. The biggest worry stems from a lack of true NFL size, but the modern-day game no longer requires a 6-foot-5 pocket passer under center.

It's evolved way beyond that and is something the likes of Kyler Murray, Drew Brees, and Russell Wilson can attest to. Make no mistake, Young could be the next in line given his eye-popping processing, supreme accuracy at all three levels, and an uncanny ability to come through in clutch situations.

Young is elusive in the pocket and has no trouble recognizing defensive schemes pre-snap before adjusting accordingly. The arm strength might not be elite, but it's more than sufficient to make strides immediately under an expansive offense created by Frank Reich and Thomas Brown.

If Young was 6-foot-2 or higher, he'd probably be the best quarterback prospect coming out since Trevor Lawrence or Andrew Luck. The height is an outlier, but the Carolina Panthers know the risks and have already devised ways to ensure this doesn't become a complication.

It won't be perfect - not immediately, anyway. However, the Heisman Trophy winner boasts the elite, complete traits normally associated with NFL stars at the quarterback position.

Something the Panthers have bet heavily on Young becoming in the near future.