3 unforgivable 2024 NFL Draft mistakes the Carolina Panthers must resist

These mistakes would simply be inexcusable.
Dan Morgan and Dave Canales
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The Carolina Panthers 2024 NFL Draft class could usher in a new and successful era of football. But there's always the chance that the selections could flame out.

It's safe to say that general manager Dan Morgan was busy this offseason trying to improve the roster. Between a ton of additions on defense and more than $150 million invested into the offensive line, there are quite a few teams with less talent than the Panthers right now.

A majority of what went wrong in 2023 wasn't because of a lack of talent. Poor coaching was the primary catalyst behind their demise. Even though Carolina's roster isn't in a bad spot, it still needs at least two more playmakers on offense and perhaps another starter at cornerback.

Morgan has a shot to bring in some difference-makers during the NFL Draft, but these three mistakes would truly be unforgivable.

Carolina Panthers take a CB with their first pick

This simply cannot happen. While the Carolina Panthers need one more starter at cornerback, it's not a position that needs to be this highly prioritized.

To build a successful NFL franchise, first and foremost, a team needs a franchise quarterback. The jury is still out on Bryce Young, but obviously, he is going to be the starter entering 2024.

Teams also need to build their rosters from the inside out, meaning the trenches need to be competent. The Panthers have four strong players along the offensive line at this point and do have legitimate talent along the defensive line, even with Brian Burns out of the picture. As a franchise builds its roster from this standpoint, the cornerbacks and wide receivers are both 'outside' positions.

However, as the NFL makes a huge shift favoring the offense and with Carolina still not having a WR1 on the roster, cornerback needs to be tabled for later on. The projected starters are Jaycee Horn and Dane Jackson, with Troy Hill returning as a quality depth piece. The room isn't great, but it's solid, so the Panthers simply cannot make a cornerback prospect their first selection during the 2024 NFL Draft.