3 ways the Carolina Panthers won during the 2023 offseason

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Carolina Panthers left nothing to chance

General manager Scott Fitterer couldn't be accused of sitting on his hands since joining the Carolina Panthers. His renowned aggression and being in on every deal were once again prevalent during the 2023 offseason, which was the first featuring the respected front office figure as the primary decision-maker.

Playing second-fiddle to Matt Rhule was obviously frustrating. Once the shackles were lifted, Fitterer set about cleaning up the mess and left no stone unturned in pursuit of attaining this lofty feat.

The Panthers managed to convince prominent veteran free agents with offers from elsewhere that this was the project for them. These were also signed on team-friendly deals, which provides enough financial flexibility moving forward to potentially make further additions should the right opportunities present themselves.

Of course, the marquee move was surging up to No. 1 overall in the 2023 NFL Draft. This was done with quarterback Bryce Young in mind and the former Alabama stud only enhanced their initial conviction throughout a thorough evaluation process.

Having such collaboration, professionalism, and purpose associated with Carolina's recruitment was a refreshing change of pace. More importantly, they took matters into their own hands and left absolutely nothing to chance.

Controlling their own destiny was the primary objective for Fitterer. In that sense, it was mission accomplished and then some.