4 bold predictions for the Carolina Panthers at Falcons in Week 1

Time to go bold.
Justin Houston
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Carolina Panthers QB Bryce Young throws for 3 TDs

Bryce Young - the top overall pick out of Alabama - is taking the reigns of the Carolina Panthers offense this season. He has been a success at all levels, has found chemistry with his skill position players, and boasts the ability to extend plays through his elusive scrambling.

With an upgraded starting tight end in Hayden Hurst, free agent running back Miles Sanders, and proven wide receivers such as D.J. Chark and Adam Theilen, there is a solid group for Young to hit in the passing lanes. Christian McCaffrey was the focal point of the offense previously, but his mid-season trade to the San Francisco 49ers in 2022 meant the Panthers hit the reset button - eventually leading to their daring move up the 2023 NFL Draft to land their future franchise signal-caller.

Today, defenses must account for numerous threats. The offensive line should keep Young’s jersey clean despite Austin Corbett's absence, providing ample time and opportunity for receivers to get open, create first downs, and eventually, touchdowns.

Yes, Young is a rookie and all first-year pros will make mistakes. But this is his first competitive impression on the fanbase and the NFL to show why he was deserving of being the first college player to hear his name called earlier this year.