4 boldest pre-draft moves from the Carolina Panthers 2024 offseason

Dan Morgan hasn't been shy about going bold this offseason.
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Attention has firmly turned to the 2024 NFL Draft and fans have an increased level of confidence that the right approach has been implemented by Dan Morgan. The general manager faced an uphill challenge during his first season in the role. Considering the circumstances, he's navigated everything successfully up to now.

Some tough decisions were made and the roster looks in decent shape overall. It's far from the league's - or even the NFC South's - best, but nobody expected it to be looking at the mess Scott Fitterer left behind. Therefore, a gradual route back into playoff consideration was the only way this floundering franchise was going to get off its knees.

Morgan - together with head coach Dave Canales and new salary-cap guru Brandt Tilis - have reinstalled a sense of professionalism where once there was nothing but chaos. There's been a level of calculated risk to their ethos, but one that came with genuine collaboration and a plan with the long-term in mind.

On this topic, we picked out the four boldest pre-draft moves from an eventful Panthers 2024 offseason.

Carolina Panthers signed Jadeveon Clowney

The Carolina Panthers were in desperate need of edge rushing assistance this offseason. Some key figures departed to diminish Ejiro Evero's options further. Those in power managed to pull off a coup with the signing of veteran Jadeveon Clowney on a two-year deal.

Clowney opted to play closer to home and be near his family, which is understandable at this stage of his career. The added year of financial security helped, but this was a franchise always close to his heart. Now, he gets the chance to help drag them out of the abyss and back to respectability.

Some have questioned whether this move is going to pay dividends looking at Clowney's overall body of work since being selected No. 1 overall in the 2014 NFL Draft. But he's coming off arguably the best statistical campaign of his professional career with the Baltimore Ravens, so hopes are high that he can be a difference-maker against the run and generate pressure consistently.

It's a bold move, but one that Morgan felt could be a significant asset to Evero's defensive unit over the next couple of seasons.