4 burning questions Carolina Panthers fans are asking ahead of Week 11 vs. Cowboys

Bryce Young
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A very bad Carolina Panthers offense

What is the true cause of our offense being so bad? Our RBs cannot run the ball, the WRs cannot catch, and the TEs keep dropping passes. The fans deserve an explanation, please. - Jack Lee

Eleven weeks into the NFL season and I am still struggling to explain - to a true specific point - why the Carolina Panthers offense is as horrific as they have been, especially over the last two weeks. Even so, Jack, like I've talked about in previous weeks, it's a great combination of the whole operation.

According to Pro Football Reference, the Panthers offense is ranked No. 29 in total yards, No. 31 in yards per play, No. 30 in rushing yards, and No. 30 in points per game. While the statistics show a run game that has struggled this season, this is the one thing I am pushing back on.

Carolina's zone-blocking system is not a fit for some of the offensive linemen who showed success in the gap-based scheme that was successful last season. This is why there are inconsistencies in the run game from both the offensive line and running backs.

Chuba Hubbard has shown to be effective, especially when power, trap, and dive are called. Fellow running mate Miles Sanders has displayed less effectiveness in the run game but flashed two weeks ago against the Indianapolis Colts.

Raheem Blackshear has shown sparks when given the opportunity. My feeling is that Carolina sticks with who they have at running back post-2023.

However, the rest of the offense is stuck in quicksand. The personnel they feature at wide receiver, tight end, and the offensive line does not feature what head coach Frank Reich and offensive coordinator Thomas Brown are trying to do.

At the same time, the offense is predictable, clunky, and bland from an operational and play-calling/sequencing standpoint. There is also a lack of diverse personnel groupings, shifting, and motions - all of which are critical in being productive despite the deficiencies.

Not to mention Bryce Young's play has dipped in the last few weeks.

To be more concise, there are too many minds and voices, an issue of scheme fit, a lack of the correct personnel at wide receiver, and a rookie quarterback being thrown into the fire. It's all bad, folks, and this will not be an easy fix.

Fans will blame the head coach. Others will blame the general manager. Some will blame the owner. All of that is fair.

Yet, there is no one true cause of the struggles of the offense, as much as we want to find one. There should be plenty of changes this offseason from the offensive unit to the front office.