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Carolina Panthers decision to draft Jaycee Horn

Why did Matt Rhule draft Jaycee Horn over Patrick Surtain II when he was the clear-cut No. 1 CB in the draft? - @DocGower65

I have words that I would like to share about this topic and I'm glad Doc brought this up.

Jaycee Horn is hurt again with a hamstring injury that will force him to miss significant time according to head coach Frank Reich. A big loss at the worst time and yet another health complication that has affected the young cornerback's career.

It's hard to call Horn a bust. He has been incredibly unlucky to start his career and it's hard to say why this is happening.

I don't want to speculate why this is an issue. Although I do think it is more of a freak accident ordeal similar to what Christian McCaffrey dealt with during his time with the Carolina Panthers.

As for the debate of whether or not Carolina should've taken this guy over that guy and so forth, it feels redundant to do so. Personally, Horn was my No. 1 rated cornerback in the 2021 NFL Draft and no one could've known that these injuries were going to occur.

It could've happened to Patrick Surtain II, Micah Parsons, Justin Fields, or anyone else Carolina passed up in that draft.

I would've been fine with selecting Surtain because it was a 1A/1B situation for me. Horn wasn't a bad choice and was a great pick at the time. You can't predict how careers will play out and, again, no one could've guessed the former South Carolina stud would be in this situation.

Now, there will be a long discussion in the offseason for Scott Fitterer and the front office and whether or not to give Horn his fifth-year option. I don't have an answer or take on that topic and likely won't until the offseason. Year 4 will be big for No. 8 and he needs to stay healthy.

Here's to hoping for the best for Horn and the rest of his career.