4 burning questions Carolina Panthers fans are asking ahead of Week 5 at Lions

Frank Reich
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Carolina Panthers HC Frank Reich's play-calling

When will Frank Reich give up play-calling? The play calls have been absolutely atrocious. - Chris F.

After three weeks of saying be patient, give it time, I have officially given up on Frank Reich as a play-caller as the sequencing, clock management, urgency on offense, and overall scheme have been inconsistent and inefficient overall. As the play-caller, he is responsible for this and through four weeks, he's not done the best job.

It's time to give offensive coordinator Thomas Brown the reins. He's considered a bright young mind and needs to be given a chance to prove his worth with this staff in what could be his only year with the Carolina Panthers.

If this offense needs anything, it's a scheme or system very similar to the Sean McVay principles that are littered across the league where offenses are mostly productive and efficient.

I doubt it will happen this week or next. If there is going to be a change in play-calling responsibilities, the Week 7 bye is the time to do it, providing ample time to make sure the offense is more acclimated to Brown's style.

Reich needs to be accountable for the struggles of this offense. It starts by letting Brown become a true offensive coordinator and helping this team and Bryce Young succeed.