4 Carolina Panthers on the hot seat entering Week 12 at Titans

The pressure is building...

Brian Burns
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Which Carolina Panthers find themselves firmly on the hot seat entering their Week 12 game at the Tennessee Titans?

Many expected the Carolina Panthers to get blown out last weekend against the Dallas Cowboys. The 10.5-point spread did seem lenient, which proved to be the case after several costly offensive errors proved to be the catalyst behind their anticipated demise.

Another losing season under David Tepper was officially confirmed after Sunday's reverse. He's the common denominator in the team's failings, even if the billionaire owner cannot seem to see it himself.

Those discussions are for the future. For now, a big bounce-back game is absolutely critical versus a Tennessee Titans outfit going through some issues themselves at 3-7.

With this in mind, here are four Panthers firmly on the hot seat entering Week 12 at the Titans.

Jonathan Mingo - Carolina Panthers WR

It doesn't seem as if Jonathan Mingo will be able to generate any positive momentum during his rookie season. That's not uncommon for wide receivers lacking confidence within bland offensive schematics, but questions about his overall effort represent a much more concerning scenario.

Mingo's route-running is often lazy and his lack of commitment or awareness leading to DaRon Bland's pick-six against the Dallas Cowboys was nothing short of embarrassing. And yet, the second-round selection out of Ole Miss will continue to get prominent reps as part of his development - because the Carolina Panthers don't have anybody else.

This would be a good time for Mingo to show the world why the Panthers drafted him at No. 39 overall. Otherwise, the doubts will only increase.