4 cost-effective free agents Carolina Panthers should sign before 2024 camp

The Carolina Panthers need more help.
Byron Pringle
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Carolina Panthers could sign Byron Pringle

Dan Morgan did a great job of bolstering the wide receiver room this offseason. The Carolina Panthers needed to find more productive weapons in pursuit of making things easier for quarterback Bryce Young. This was accomplished after the new front-office leader moved with supreme conviction.

The Panthers got themselves a high-value trade by securing the services of Diontae Johnson from the Pittsburgh Steelers. Morgan also moved up slightly during the 2024 NFL Draft for Xavier Legette at No. 32 overall. Couple this with the presence of Adam Thielen and the scope for improvements where Jonathan Mingo is concerned, all signs are pointing up.

That shouldn't stop Morgan from seeking another option if the situation dictates. This is dependent on how much confidence there is in players such as David Moore and Terrace Marshall Jr. But no team can have enough consistent pass-catchers - least of all one who went through significant offensive complications last time around.

Byron Pringle isn't the flashiest name available, but he's got a lot of likable qualities. Things didn't go according to plan with the Washington Commanders last season despite linking back up with Eric Bieniemy. However, he's a decent route-runner with proven credentials to generate yards after the catch.

Carolina might be happy with what they have currently, which is fine. If not, then someone with Pringle's experience and the fact he was part of a winning franchise with the Kansas City Chiefs could be an asset during this pivotal transition under new head coach Dave Canales.

Pringle's arrival would come with no guarantees he'd make the team. Getting the chance to compete is probably enough at this juncture. It's something he was given last season in Washington and propelled himself into a roster spot. Wherever the former Kansas State star ends up, he'll give it everything to prolong his NFL journey.

It's also worth remembering that Pringle hasn't dropped a pass since 2021. That sort of dependability was seldom seen in Carolina last time around aside from Adam Thielen.