4 critical observations from Carolina Panthers' loss vs. the Saints in Week 2

The Carolina Panthers home opener didn't go as planned.
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Carolina Panthers QB Bryce Young has to keep improving

Bryce Young bears a heavy burden as the Carolina Panthers traded away a significant portion of their future for him. Consequently, fans tend to criticize the quarterback more after every game.

It's natural for any rookie quarterback to have room for improvement. We should not write him off after his second NFL game.

Young demonstrated glimpses of his potential, using his footwork, making pre-snap adjustments, and fitting in some tight window throws that we didn't see in Week 1. Even if the eventual result was the same.

The former Alabama star completed 22 of 33 passes for 153 yards, with a passer rating of 87.1. He threw one touchdown and ran twice for a total of 34 rushing yards.

During the game, Young showed his leadership skills by inspiring a successful two-minute drive, resulting in a touchdown. He remained cool and calm under pressure - traits the signal-caller displayed heavily in college.

Although Young has great potential, some limitations still prevent him from having a defining "I'm here" moment. However, with time and experience, he will surely break through these restraints.