4 major Carolina Panthers disappointments at the 2023 bye week

It's been a disaster so far...

Frank Reich
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Carolina Panthers offensive efficiency

When the Carolina Panthers deployed what can only be described as an anemic offensive throughout the preseason, head coach Frank Reich told fans not to panic. After all, they were concealing the good stuff for competitive action rather than giving too much away when the results were irrelevant.

It's almost as if the Panthers were holding back some revolutionary schematic concepts from the general public. So there was a great sense of excitement about what this offense would look like with rookie quarterback Bryce Young and an all-star staff leading the charge.

To say this statement flattered to deceive would be a huge understatement. Reich's offense was uninspired, lacking creativity, and not in keeping with the current successful trends around the NFL.

Of course, the injuries to the offensive line haven't helped. But certain big-money signings haven't produced and those young players with breakout upside have contributed very little despite high expectations.

Aside from Young's encouraging growth, Chuba Hubbard's flashes, and Adam Thielen's renaissance, there's nothing much to cheer about where Carolina's offense is concerned. Something that was also recognized by Reich, who's now given the play-calling duties to Thomas Brown - a progressive thinker with an aggressive mindset hailing from the Sean McVay coaching tree.

Expecting miracles right away would be foolish. However, the Panthers offense should be more creative and modernized over time with Brown calling the shots.