4 major observations from Bryce Young's performance vs. the Texans in Week 8

How did QB1 fare against his good friend C.J. Stroud?

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Bryce Young needs more help

This comes as no surprise to anyone who's followed the Carolina Panthers closely this season. Bryce Young cannot do it alone and although there was improvement with offensive coordinator Thomas Brown calling plays, the rookie quarterback needs more assistance.

There are times when the execution leaves a lot to be desired. Young can only do so much by putting the football in the correct spot more often than not - it's then up to his pass-catchers to take advantage.

At times, the Panthers looked highly effective when catches were made. There were also occasions when mental errors led to drops that potentially had big gains attached.

Unless something drastic changes over the next nine games, this should be among Carolina's biggest priorities next spring. However, these lapses could also lead those within the front office to find a quicker fix in pursuit of aiding Young's development further.

Whether that comes via free agency or trade remains to be seen. The Panthers might also decide to stand pat with what they have and hope the combination of Young and Brown can lead to improvements.

When it clicked, the Panthers looked better offensively than they've done at any stage this season. Once the Panthers do right by Young and find upgrades to the weapons at his disposal, the No. 1 overall selection is going to take off into a stratosphere not seen in Charlotte since Cam Newton was at the peak of his powers.