4 major observations from Carolina Panthers 2023 rookie minicamp

Bryce Young
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What were some major observations to take from what turned out to be a fascinating rookie minicamp for the Carolina Panthers in 2023?

It was probably a relief for those involved to get themselves back firmly focused on football once again after an exhausting pre-draft process. The Carolina Panthers picks in 2023 and other hopefuls looking to carve out their own path participated in the team's rookie minicamp this weekend, which was the first chance to witness Bryce Young in his new gear after becoming the No. 1 overall selection.

Young took the limelight, which wasn't surprising in the circumstances. However, head coach Frank Reich was obviously impressed by the application of those further down the pecking order and plans to sign one or two that were invited for tryouts.

There isn't much time for these first-year players to reflect on the minicamp. OTAs are set to begin on Monday, which sees veterans and rookies join together for the first time under Carolina's all-star coaching staff.

Before we look ahead, here are four major observations from the Panthers' rookie minicamp in 2023.

Major Observation No. 1

Carolina Panthers
Chandler Zavala / Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

Carolina Panthers have an imposing presence in Chandler Zavala

It didn't take long to spot Chandler Zavala when he stepped onto the field. The mammoth interior offensive lineman is an imposing presence that could potentially carve out a role for himself immediately given the injury concerns surrounding Austin Corbett, who is expected to miss some regular-season time after tearing his ACL in Week 18 against the New Orleans Saints.

According to those in attendance, Zavala made a notable impression thanks to an eye-catching blend of power and athleticism. Something that could come in handy as a core rotational piece at worst during his rookie campaign.