4 safeties the Carolina Panthers could select in the 2023 NFL Draft

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Which safety prospects could the Carolina Panthers potentially target during what promises to be a franchise-altering 2023 NFL Draft?

While the primary focus centers on the No. 1 overall pick, it's easy to forget that the Carolina Panthers have five other selections during the 2023 NFL Draft. All of them are in the top 150, which is a good chance to find some difference-makers at multiple position groups once their franchise quarterback has been acquired to kick off the process. 

With Ejiro Evero set to transition Carolina's defense to a 3-4 base scheme featuring multiple alignments, expect one or two prospects in this area. Although safety isn't the need it once was following the arrival of Vonn Bell in free agency, it might be worth picking up a player to improve the Panthers' depth and assist on nickel/dime packages when the situation dictates. 

This is a decent enough class at the position with one blue-chip prospect in Brian Branch who'll be out of Carolina's reach. However, general manager Scott Fitterer has developed a strong reputation for finding rough diamonds, which can hopefully continue now he has the final say on personnel within a more collaborative approach.

On this topic, here are four safeties the Panthers could select at some stage during the 2023 NFL Draft. 

Prospect No. 1

Carolina Panthers
JL Skinner / Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Carolina Panthers could draft JL Skinner

It appears as if the Carolina Panthers will wait until Day 2 or early on Day 3 to find a safety prospect all things considered. If JL Skinner is around by this point, it's something those in power should discuss. 

Skinner might not be the flashiest prospect, but he does everything efficiently. He is a physical presence against the run that can even assist in press coverage, boasting agility and enough closing speed to make his presence felt. 

The defensive back was a renowned backend enforcer during his time at Boise State. Once he becomes sharper in terms of route anticipation, a productive NFL career could be in the offing.