4 things that must change for the Carolina Panthers in 2024

Many things must change for the Carolina Panthers in 2024.
Bryce Young
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Carolina Panthers must get more from Bryce Young

Bryce Young must improve his play in 2024 for the Carolina Panthers to progress. If not, there could be some serious changes within the organization and at the quarterback position in 2025…

Now that is out of the way, let’s look at what Young needs to improve on heading into the upcoming NFL campaign.

One of the things I’ve noticed from the Panthers signal-caller from his time at Alabama and at the next level is he’ll drift in and out of the pocket. This causes his throwing lanes and windows to narrow, longer throws and pass rushers to get off their blocks quicker.

Offensive linemen have vertical pass sets that allow them to work against longer rush paths. They only get longer if the quarterback is drifting. Offensive linemen can only block for a couple of seconds. Young must do a better job working the pocket and being more consistent in navigating it, which has flashed plenty.

With Young’s below-average frame and non-elite arm, drifting in the pocket makes things more difficult. Granted, he had sixth and seventh-string guards blocking in front of him and an offensive system that was below-average at best. There was only so much the Heisman Trophy winner could do.

Young also tries to force the issue monetarily. He wants to create big plays instead of taking what is in front of them. The cerebral performer already does a good job of the latter but with the circumstances around him, it isn’t surprising that he tried to force passes in certain moments.

This isn’t to ignore the talent that Young possesses. He’s a smart, accurate, and twitchy playmaker behind the line of scrimmage. The Southern California native flashed in every game this past season despite the horrendous showing on the offensive side of the ball. 

The Panthers made a strong effort to improve the roster conditions around its second-year quarterback, adding playmakers and offensive line reinforcements through free agency and the draft. If Young’s surroundings are average at worst, he can succeed and his production should increase.

For the team and its fanbase’s sake, let’s hope this is the case in 2024.