5 burning questions Carolina Panthers fans are asking ahead Week 10 at Bears

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Should the Carolina Panthers bench Bryce Young?

When are the Panthers going to bench Bryce and let Andy play? - Don Cheffa

To answer your question, Don, the Carolina Panthers are not benching Bryce Young. Not anytime soon, if at all.

Young was bad on Sunday. He threw three interceptions, including two pick-sixes to Indianapolis Colts cornerback Kenny Moore II, and took some poor sacks.

This was his worst performance at any level of his career following the best performance a week ago against the Houston Texans. However, his play shouldn't warrant a benching - not by a longshot.

With all due respect and not specifically toward Don, the same fans who were praising Young's performance a week ago are the same ones who are calling for him to be benched. This is a bump in the road for the No. 1 overall pick on a bad football team, especially on offense.

It's good that he had this performance now rather than later. Young will learn from this, as is the life of developing into a sufficient professional quarterback in the NFL.

Benching Young at this stage of his rookie year does not serve him any favors - nor does it help his development. He's an incredibly smart signal-caller who is young, no pun intended, and learning what he can and can't do in certain situations such as the first pick-six intended for Chuba Hubbard.

It's better to keep playing Young and allow him to learn on the fly.

Young's final statline at the end of the season is not going to look great and that's okay. It would be hard for any quarterback, including Patrick Mahomes or C.J. Stroud, to succeed in this current offensive structure.

Despite Stroud's successes as of late, there is no way he would be putting up similar numbers in Carolina.

This is a 24 to 36-month process. Young needs good weapons and better protection up front. He will be fine and has shown he can be a special player in this league.

The former Alabama star was not good on Sunday and hopefully, he rebounds this week against the Chicago Bears.