5 burning questions entering Carolina Panthers training camp in 2023

- Bryce Young's contract

- Cap space

- Tommy Tremble's involvement

- OL changes

- Hard Knocks

Tommy Tremble
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Carolina Panthers salary cap space

Why are the Carolina Panthers holding on to so much salary cap space/money when we have needs at CB or EDGE depth? - Josh T.

Josh brings up a question many Carolina Panthers fans have been asking for the last couple of months: why is the team holding on to that much cap space, especially with needs at critical positions such as edge rusher and cornerback?

According to Over the Cap, the Panthers sit at $26.5 million in cap space entering training camp, which is the second highest in the league behind the Chicago Bears. Naturally, some teams may want to spend as much money as they can to help make themselves better. However, I think you need to understand the potential thought process with general manager Scott Fitterer.

Fitterer isn't going to go crazy and spend a ton of money unless he and his staff 110 percent believe that they need to use that money on a big-time free agent should interest be mutual. Right now, there isn't a free agent worth that type of cash at cornerback or pass rusher.

Consider this as well: Bryce Young has yet to sign his rookie contract (more on that soon), and that will likely take up some of that space. Star pass rusher Brian Burns is due for a contract extension where he may end up getting at least $20-25 million per year, along with the possibility that there will be guaranteed money involved. This too will likely put Carolina at around a ballpark of $13-15 million in leftover cap.

On top of this, Fitterer will need to have money left over to sign free agents throughout the season as well as a potential rollover for the start of the 2024 league year. Hence why the team hasn't signed another starter or depth piece at the two aforementioned positions of need.

Is it understandable? Yes, 100 percent. Yet, I do wish the Panthers could extend an offer to someone like Jadeveon Clowney or Marcus Peters.

It is unlikely that they do, meaning the next opportunity to sign a player at a position of need will come around the time of roster cuts in late August.