5 Carolina Panthers players who struck gold during 2024 offseason

These Carolina Panthers got the cream this offseason.
Xavier Legette
Xavier Legette / Jacob Kupferman/GettyImages
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Xavier Legette - Carolina Panthers WR

The Carolina Panthers weren't going to sit on their hands on the off chance Xavier Legette fell into their laps during the 2024 NFL Draft. They were enamored with the wide receiver and felt he had the tools needed to provide the offense with a spark that was sorely lacking in 2023.

When murmurings started about the New England Patriots potentially looking to move up for the player, Dan Morgan struck a deal with the Buffalo Bills for the No. 32 overall selection. This came after Legette revealed to the media beforehand that the Panthers were going to take the wideout if the opportunity presented itself.

Legette wanted to play closer to home, so this was a win-win for all parties. The former South Carolina star looks set to play an influential role immediately., While there is some refinement needed from a route-running standpoint, Dave Canales will have a plan in place to get sound production out of the wideout as he develops other areas of his game.

This looks like the best possible landing spot for Legette. The Panthers aren't blessed with dynamic pass-catchers for quarterback Bryce Young. With a smooth transition, he could end up being the team's No. 1 option long-term regardless of whether Diontae Johnson sticks around beyond the upcoming campaign or not.

Derrick Brown - Carolina Panthers DL

After breaking the NFL's single-season tackle record for interior defensive linemen last season, Derrick Brown cemented his status as the Carolina Panthers' best overall player by a considerable margin. He was also looking for some added long-term financial security with one year remaining on his rookie deal.

Fans were watching this situation with trepidation given how the organization handled Brian Burns' contract dispute. Thankfully, general manager Dan Morgan and salary-cap guru Brandt Tilis are running things professionally. They were more than willing to give a legitimate franchise cornerstone piece the lucrative extension that his production deserved.

Carolina's new $94 million man has increased expectations on his shoulders now he's getting paid like an elite-level contributor. This is a responsibility Brown's taking incredibly seriously, so it wouldn't be a great shock to see the former first-round pick take his game to new heights next time around.

Brown is an integral piece to Carolina's puzzle. Any further improvements could see the Auburn product enter All-Pro consideration when the time comes.