5 key players the Carolina Panthers must keep quiet in Week 2 vs. Saints

The Carolina Panthers are looking to take advantage of a long week of preparation.
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Carolina Panthers must keep Cameron Jordan and the DL quiet

The Carolina Panthers suffered a crushing blow on the offensive line, losing guard Brady Christensen for the entire year. However, the coaching staff had an extended week to prepare and strategize for Week 2.

Taking his place at the defensive end position for the New Orleans Saints is Cameron Jordan, a seasoned veteran. His responsibility is to put pressure on the rookie quarterback Bryce Young during his competitive home debut.

Jordan is well-versed in the NFC South division, having played over 190 games in New Orleans and amassing 644 tackles and 116 sacks - an impressive feat in the National Football League.

Ryan Tannehill and Derrick Henry struggled against the Saints' fierce defensive front. The quarterback was sacked three times, which forced him to scramble, throw the ball away, and ultimately face long-yardage situations.

The sturdy defense also limited Henry to only 63 yards on 15 carries. This performance is exactly what the Saints were hoping for after often getting gashed during the 2022 season.

In the upcoming game, the Panthers may benefit from prioritizing their running game despite Henry's limited success in the previous match. His average of four yards per carry indicates potential for success. Additionally, utilizing screenplays could counteract the heavy rush frequently deployed by the Saints.

To succeed, it will be crucial to protect Young and provide him with opportunities to use his legs, as he demonstrated he is more than capable of doing in his previous game against the Atlanta Falcons.