6 burning questions Carolina Panthers fans are asking ahead of Week 12 at Titans

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Brian Burns lack of production equals no payday?

Dak dropped back to pass 38 times Sunday. Brian Burns had 2 tackles and 1 assist. Exactly what are we supposed to pay him for? - William

Brian Burns was “quiet” again on Sunday. However, the box score is quite misleading.

The three-time Pro Bowler was generating pressure and made impact plays against the run. There were moments of Burns getting up and around the arc and nearly getting home on Dak Prescott - a top NFL MVP candidate after Thanksgiving - while also acquiring pressure through inside counters. 

Below is Burns blowing up a run play by attacking the tight end's inside shoulder, exploding into the backfield en route to a significant tackle for loss.

Burns hasn’t been blowing up the box score. Teams understand the type of threat he is and work their gameplan around him. They run the ball away from his side when able and call their protections based on what he might do as a pass rusher.

I still believe Burns should be paid a hefty amount. He’s the team’s star pass rusher.

While he isn’t an elite player by any means, Burns is still a very good one. That alone will get you paid in the $28 million to $32 million range. A franchise tag is likely, especially if the Carolina Panthers don't secure a deal before the deadline in the offseason.

Without Burns, the Panthers struggle to generate pressure. He’s an integral part of the franchise moving forward. He’s a keeper, in my opinion.