6 burning questions Carolina Panthers fans are asking ahead of Week 6 at Dolphins

The questions about the Carolina Panthers are piling up...

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Carolina Panthers lack of downfield plays

Is the reason we don’t have many downfield plays a reflection of not having WRs get separation or play calling by the coaches? Something tells me they don’t trust our Oline to get Young the time to throw the ball downfield. - @XDoesntCare

It seems to be a combination of both. When the team had those deep ball opportunities against the Seattle Seahawks, for example, they took it. However, it seems like the last couple of weeks have not allowed the Carolina Panthers to take more chances with the deep game.

The Panthers have undoubtedly struggled with separation on a consistent basis this season. Their wide receiver room isn't great, though Adam Thielen has produced very well.

I do believe this offense wants to take shots downfield. Frank Reich will implement vertical concepts that generate opportunities if the coverage and situation dictate it. A vertical route might be the first read of the play for Bryce Young but without consistent separation from D.J. Chark or others, he'll be forced to look at his second, third, or fourth option - usually the check-downs.

Young is very good with processing and reading the field. Dolphins Head Coach Mike McDaniel offered similar praise. I don't think there is a distrust of the offensive line - a group that showed legitimate improvement against the Detroit Lions.

There is a way that the Panthers can scheme and create more downfield shots, and that starts with working in the deep ball off play-action through a sizeable dose of the run game.

Could it work against the Miami Dolphins? It might, but considering the offensive tendencies from recent weeks, it feels like it won't be happening anytime soon.

Maybe if there is a change at play-caller, we could see this type of offense from Carolina. For now, we'll just have to see what Reich has planned going forward.