Adam Thielen workout video sparks ludicrous trade speculation

The rumor mill was buzzing.
Adam Thielen
Adam Thielen / Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

Adam Thielen is free to do whatever he pleases throughout his well-deserved time away from the franchise. The veteran wide receiver became the only dependable pass-catching presence for the Carolina Panthers last season as all around him crumbled on offense. After both sides agreed to continue this relationship despite rumors to the contrary, expect the same to unfold again in 2024.

Thielen has more help in the wideout room, which is pleasing. Diontae Johnson and Xavier Legette should feature heavily. Their physical attributes represent an immediate upgrade around Bryce Young. Hopefully, this becomes a highly productive trio for the second-year quarterback to depend upon.

Carolina Panthers won't trade Adam Thielen despite raised speculation

The former undrafted free agent caused a stir this week when he published a video on his personal Instagram page. This showed Thielen working out with first-round rookie J.J. McCarthy as players around the league enjoy some downtime before training camp.

This came with ludicrous trade speculation linking Thielen with a return to the Minnesota Vikings. It would be an emotional return to the team that cut him in 2023. It's also something that represents a non-starter in every conceivable way.

There are too many financial implications for this deal to become realistic for either side. What comes next for the Minnesota State product beyond 2024 remains to be seen, but the money committed to the wideout this season suggests a trade is out of the question.

After working so hard to improve the options around Young, letting his most trusted weapon in the passing game last season leave heading into such a critical campaign for the signal-caller sends the wrong message. Thielen's targets may not be as plentiful, but his role remains pivotal unless there's a steep drop-off in production.

Some fans were riled by the fact Thielen was working out with quarterbacks other than Young. This is an asinine notion.

Players around the league - regardless of what team they're employed by - work out together all the time. Thielen hails from Minnesota and is spending time with family before returning for camp. If he fancied a workout and Young wasn't around, McCarthy was the next best thing.

Better to be working than doing nothing.

Thielen recently preached the importance of staying ready in the weeks leading up to camp. The two-time Pro Bowler revealed that he'd seen ex-Panthers teammates turn up out of shape and they were cut almost on the spot. With the raised urgency under the new regime, he's eager to maintain optimum performance levels whether he's in the facility or not.

Young plans to get all his receivers together for a session before camp. Thielen will be part of that, which should bring an abrupt end to this topic once and for all.

Everyone is looking for a line or a story at this stage of the preparation period. Even a workout video with no hidden meaning brings headlines. But there's nothing to it other than the facts.

Thielen is committed to the Panthers. He just wanted to work out.

That's it.