Adrian Wilson charges were a problem the Carolina Panthers didn't need

There is more clarity behind the shocking departure now.
Adrian Wilson
Adrian Wilson / Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Adrian Wilson's departure from the Carolina Panthers was swiftly followed by more than a few raised eyebrows from fans and media members alike. It was separate from Dan Morgan's front-office revamp once the 2024 NFL Draft concluded. Many wondered if an underlying factor was in play after the briefest of statements from a team spokesperson once the news became public knowledge.

Things are clearer now.

The former vice president of player personnel was recently arrested and subsequently charged with damaging property, intentional assault causing physical bodily harm, and disorderly conduct-disruptive behavior or fighting. This was based on a police report filed that was obtained by Josh Weinfuss from ESPN.

Carolina Panthers had no choiced but to fire Adrian Wilson

The Scottsdale Police Department's account of the alleged incident involving Wilson was even more shocking. Something that left the Panthers with no option other than to remove him from the equation.

"According to the police report, when Wilson returned to his Scottsdale home around 1 a.m. June 1, he found separation papers from his wife waiting for him in the casita he sleeps in when in Arizona. She told police she had hired a private investigator and learned Wilson was having an affair. After Wilson found the papers, he barged into his wife's room while she was sleeping and then became violent, breaking a TV, mirror and lamp, among other items, according to the report.

Wilson's wife told police he pinned her against the bed and began to choke her but that she was able to get away. According to the police report, he took a gun from the safe and threatened to leave and kill himself. Wilson's wife said he never pointed the gun at anyone. He eventually drove away from his house with his gun and called other family members, according to the report.

Wilson's three children were home at the time, police said."

Police report via ESPN

The Panthers are looking to remove the stigma surrounding the organization under their new regime. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty, but this was a problem Morgan didn't need.

Carolina likely conducted their investigation into the matter before taking action. If there's even the slightest truth to these allegations, Wilson won't ever work in the league again.

Morgan and the Panthers will move forward and fill the role with someone they believe can assist with this vast rebuilding project. Things are finally on the up in Carolina. Wilson blew his opportunity to be part of something special. If he gets found guilty of these alleged crimes, his flourishing reputation will evaporate in the blink of an eye.

Fans questioned what the motives were behind the Panthers firing Wilson. They have crystal clarity now and are fully on board with the decision based on social media reactions. When it's all said and done, this will merely be a small bump in the road.

Wilson has nobody to blame but himself. Regardless of what unfolds from here on out, he can have no complaints.