Analyst questions whether Carolina Panthers' new ethos can bear fruit

David Tepper, Dan Morgan, and Nicole Tepper
David Tepper, Dan Morgan, and Nicole Tepper / Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

A respected analyst questioned whether the Carolina Panthers' approach to recruitment can bear fruit when the 2024 campaign arrives.

Dan Morgan needed to do something drastic this offseason. Keeping the status quo with a two-win team wasn't going to leave the best first impression. The general manager recognized this too, wasting no time in implementing a new ethos with professionalism and purpose.

Of course, surrounding quarterback Bryce Young with better weapons quickly became the primary goal. Established players who formed a key part of the team's plans last season are no longer around. Change is difficult where fan favorites are concerned, but it was an absolute necessity to get Carolina off its knees and back into contention.

Morgan is starting to win people over. He can establish himself further by navigating the upcoming 2024 NFL Draft successfully. After that, everything is out of his hands and falls on Dave Canales' coaching staff.

Carolina Panthers recruitment approach questioned

While the early signs are positive, Eric Edholm from questioned whether this new approach to recruitment will bear fruit after he placed the Panthers at No. 32 in his post-free agency power rankings. The analyst conceded those in power were off to a good start in difficult circumstances, but Carolina's growth is likely predicated on Young's development with Canales leading the charge.

"I’ve heard the reasoning for the Panthers’ massive spending to build up the interior of the offensive line, with everything from “that’s how Sean Payton did it for Drew Brees,” to “they needed to overspend to attract badly needed talent.” There’s probably truth to both of those notions, but that doesn’t mean the approach will bear fruit. The Diontae Johnson trade was a high-risk, high-reward move that I kind of liked, and they’ve added more depth and flexibility on defense, even if a lot of these moves shored up the middle and bottom of the roster. The obvious elephant in the room is the need for Dave Canales to coax the best he possibly can from quarterback Bryce Young and allow him to thrive in more reasonable conditions. There’s still a lot to be done, but they’re off to as good a start as you probably could have hoped for, even if spending so heavily on the interior line will limit them in other ways."

Eric Edholm,

Whether it comes off or not hasn't been determined. However, Morgan should not be criticized for being aggressive and at least attempting to turn this floundering ship around.

In truth, there was no other option.

Considering the substantial investment made in Young - something that saw the Panthers hand over the No. 1 overall selection in the 2024 NFL Draft - making a concerted effort to give the signal-caller a fighting chance was critical. It rapidly became the worst environment imaginable on and off the field in 2023. It came as no surprise to see the Heisman Trophy winner fail to meet expectations as a result.

If Young excels with a more productive supporting cast, nobody will mention the fact the Panthers might have overpaid for a free agent or two. If it all goes wrong yet again, what exactly has Carolina lost? They were the league's laughingstock in any case.

Morgan is building with the future in mind. Stabilization comes first. Then, the Panthers can begin to take stock and conclude what more is needed to take that next step into the playoff picture.

Which - at the end of the day - is where every NFL team wants to be.