Bryce Young already winning over Carolina Panthers teammates emphatically

Bryce Young
Bryce Young / Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

It hasn't taken quarterback Bryce Young to win over his Carolina Panthers teammates since taking the field for offseason activities during the 2023 preparation period.

Being the No. 1 overall selection in the 2023 NFL Draft means that Bryce Young is always going to be looked at differently. He'll be scrutinized more than most, held to a much higher standard, and expected to deliver quicker than those taken after him in the pecking order.

That's just the nature of the business. Especially considering how things are currently unfolding for rookie quarterbacks taken in the top 10. No longer is there a bedding-in period - they have to take the field immediately and are expected to produce the goods.

Fortunately for Young, this is nothing new. The pressure's been on ever since his days as a highly touted high school recruit in Southern California and continued after deciding to join Nick Saban's powerhouse at Alabama for his college football journey.

Young thrives under the spotlight. Many thought he would crumble after replacing Mac Jones on the Crimson Tide, but he flourished over a two-year span en route to the Heisman Trophy and being Carolina's consensus choice atop the draft once they struck the boldest of trades with the Chicago Bears.

Things were always going to be more difficult for Young in an environment with grown men and multi-millionaires - many of whom have already been to the very top. However, it hasn't taken long for the silent-swaggered assassin to leave a positive impression.

Perhaps the main thing that's come across in abundance watching Young is poise. Nothing seems to phase him, which is an assurance that's making a smooth transition across his teammates and installing further confidence in his abilities.

One doesn't have to look far across other players to see how Young's integration is being viewed within the locker room. It's been nothing but praise and positive vibes when speaking with the media, with the signal-caller also having a fan in Shaq Thompson, one of the true team leaders and the last remaining members from Carolina's last Super Bowl run.

When speaking about Young, the linebacker stated via Carolina Blitz and Yahoo Sports that there is already a firm grasp on how things are run under the Panthers' new regime and what it's going to take in pursuit of turning this once proud club around.

"I think that kid is smart. He understands football. He understands the playbook. He’s making great throws out there. He’s just learning how to be a pro."

Shaq Thompson via Yahoo Sports

Another who wasn't backward in coming forwards about Young is Brady Christensen. The former third-round selection had to block for a myriad of different signal-callers last season who all fluffed their lines at one stage or another, so having a presence with legitimate franchise-altering capabilities is something the BYU product is immensely looking forward to.

"I can’t speak highly enough of him. Just the way he carries himself, his leadership, his confidence. You can tell. I’m really excited to protect him and see what he can do."

Brady Christensen via Yahoo Sports

This was always going to be half the battle for Young. Win the crowd - or in this case, those he's going into battle with - so early is only going to serve him well throughout the summer and when the Panthers' all-important showdown at the Atlanta Falcons in Week 1 rolls around.

It won't all be smooth sailing for Young. Spartanburg will be a crash course in what it takes to succeed in the NFL - which also includes joint practices with the New York Jets - so we'll find out much more about Carolina's new face of the franchise as the team's preparations progress.

For now, things couldn't be going much better.