Could Carolina Panthers head coach target ensure Scott Fitterer's survival?

The rumor was touted by a respected beat writer recently.

Scott Fitterer
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Could a potential head coach candidate ensure that general manager Scott Fitterer is given a reprieve by team owner David Tepper?

Speculation about who the Carolina Panthers will target for their next head coach is gathering pace with the hiring cycle on the immediate horizon. What transpires could have major implications for the future of general manager Scott Fitterer.

The front office leader has come under fire from fans this season. His suspect roster building and delusional predictions before the campaign blew up in his face. Many are now wondering whether Fitterer will be given another opportunity to prove himself by beleaguered team owner David Tepper as a result.

Tepper's got Fitterer wrapped around his little finger. He can meddle in football matters without fear of confrontation. Even when he recklessly and disgracefully threw a drink over Jacksonville Jaguars fans from his luxury suite, the general manager stood motionless.

Carolina Panthers hiring Dan Quinn could save Scott Fitterer

While Fitterer has reportedly been given no assurances about his status beyond the current campaign, Joe Person of The Athletic put forth a scenario where he could remain in post during an appearance on the Kyle Bailey Show. The respected beat writer hinted that Dan Quinn becoming head coach would improve his chance of survival thanks to their previous working relationship on the Seattle Seahawks. Although he was still leaning toward an offensive mind as it stands.

Carolina Panthers
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"I can't say 100 percent. It's leaning the way of an offensive-minded coach just like it was 12 months ago and here we are again. A couple of people have mentioned Dan Quinn's name. Maybe this is being driven by Scott Fitterer and Dan Morgan who worked with Quinn in Seattle because if it is him, they might get to stick around. Quinn is a good coach beyond whatever the connection is here. He's had offers and will get them again. I would say it's an offensive-minded coach but never say never with this crowd."

Joe Person via WFNZ

Quinn's done a tremendous job at repairing his reputation as Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator. Panthers fans will point to how things ended during his time with the Atlanta Falcons as a reason for pessimism, but he enjoyed success there too.

Most are expecting Tepper to make a bold bid for Ben Johnson to finally prise him away from the Detroit Lions. One has to wonder which candidate would see the Panthers as an attractive destination following the billionaire's latest antics. But there are only 32 head coaching jobs around the league and at the end of the day, money talks.

Quinn would be a divisive hire. The Cowboys will also move heaven and earth to keep him around - perhaps with the promise of being the man to replace Mike McCarthy when the time is right.

This might also be one desperate final ploy from Fitterer and Morgan to extend their time in Carolina. Keeping the same front office when a new head coach arrives isn't a traditional method of building a foundation for NFL success. But nothing about Tepper's management is conventional and he does love surrounding himself with yes-men who'll pander to his every demand.

It won't be much longer before we find out one way or another. Fitterer's future comes first and the dominoes should begin falling after that during another offseason of immense importance.