Carolina Panthers stadium redevelopment plans leave fans salivating

This will be a game-changer.
David Tepper
David Tepper / Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

The Carolina Panthers have ambitious on-field plans under new head coach Dave Canales. Now, there is excitement and a legitimate plan away from the gridiron that left fans salivating.

After meticulous planning, the Panthers announced their redevelopment plans for Bank of America Stadium through a video that sent shockwaves through the fanbase. The cost is believed to be $1.3 billion according to Joe Person of The Athletic, which will be split between Tepper and taxpayer funding if approved.

This firmly cements the Panthers in Charlotte for the foreseeable future. Speculation was rising about whether Tepper could relocate at some stage, but the billionaire opted to strengthen the already developed roots in the Queen City in pursuit of making this venue an industry leader.

The stadium's structure will stay intact, but that's about it. Carolina's plans are substantial, ranging from new seating, improved concourse areas, enhanced technology throughout the site, and additional areas implemented to benefit the community.

Tepper's taken his fair share of criticism since buying the Panthers from Jerry Richardson. He covered himself in disgrace last season as Carolina descended to rock bottom status. However, this is the latest sign that the hedge fund manager is starting to get it.

These proposals highlight his ambition. He might not have gone about things too well in the past, but Tepper's always had good intentions. Now, it's a chance to improve a legacy that is in desperate need.

It's a 20-year agreement, which will take the Panthers to their 50th anniversary. Hopefully, Tepper's attained some genuine accomplishments before then, but the fan experience will improve exponentially once these drastic stadium alterations reach completion.

This adds to the level of newfound excitement across the franchise. Fans are starting to believe better days are ahead under the guidance of Canales, Dan Morgan, and Brandt Tilis. It also seems as if Tepper is focusing on the business side rather than getting too involved in the football operation. That's the biggest positive of all.

Bank of America Stadium was in dire need of a facelift. Tepper's giving it that and more if this project is any indication. Couple this with the new practice facility that should be ready in time for training camp, and the owner is stating beyond doubt he's willing to invest to get this organization trending upward at last.

If the Panthers manage to put out a team that matches this, it won't be much longer before they become an attractive destination yet again.