Carolina Panthers staying the course with Bryce Young for good or bad

The Carolina Panthers are keeping the status quo with Bryce Young...
Bryce Young
Bryce Young / Silas Walker/GettyImages

Despite increasing calls to take quarterback Bryce Young out of harm's way, the Carolina Panthers are going to stay the course over their remaining games.

We recently made a case for sitting Bryce Young for the remainder of 2023. The Carolina Panthers are going nowhere fast at 1-12. They also have no adequate protection in front of their prized possession whatsoever.

This has the scope to irreparably damage Young long-term. Not only from an injury standpoint but also when it comes to confidence levels going beyond the brink and unable to return.

The benefits are obvious. The calls from some sections of the fanbase to install Andy Dalton over the next four games are growing. However, it is not a sentiment shared by interim head coach Chris Tabor.

Carolina Panthers don't plan on sitting Bryce Young

When asked about the prospect of taking Young out of the firing line, Tabor couldn't have been more emphatic about his feelings based on comments via USA Today Sports. The No. 1 overall selection will stay the course barring injury and the Panthers remain highly confident he can start putting together improved performances.

"Well, I think one way to become a better football player is playin’ football. That’s a pretty simple statement. The only way you’re gonna gain experience in the National Football League is by playing. And I have a tremendous amount of confidence in Bryce. And I know that there’s plays that he’s gonna want back. But, no, that hasn’t come into play."

Chris Tabor via USA Today Sports

Tabor is reportedly being tougher on Young and is calling on his coaching staff to do the same according to Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated. This came after revelations about Frank Reich and previous quarterbacks coach Josh McCown perceived to be coddling the signal-caller over his early transition.

While the Panthers have every right to keep Young under center, it doesn't change the fact everything around the former Alabama sensation is crumbling. And the coaching staff is running out of time to salvage anything from one of the worst seasons in franchise history.

Young's resolve and toughness are not in question. Anyone who states otherwise is merely pushing their agendas given how much punishment he's taken this season and keeps on getting up.

His demeanor is more concerning. Young looks like a forlorn and frustrated figure. He's not used to losing, but not putting up any sort of fight is seeing the Heisman Trophy winner almost demoralized on occasion during his post-game pressers.

Tabor is right to a certain extent about learning by doing. That said, eradicating some increasingly bad habits under Jim Caldwell during practice while gaining mental reps on Sundays is another viable course of action looking at the current state of the franchise.

Fans will be hoping Young comes through the next four engagements before the offseason unscathed. More importantly, they should be praying his torrid first year in the pros doesn't do permanent damage to his chances of flourishing in the coming seasons.

It's a fine line. There's no getting away from that. The Panthers are going to see things out with Young for good and bad. After that, it's a case of assessing the damage and making the moves that put him in a better position during his sophomore campaign.

Otherwise, this monumental investment will be for nothing.