Carolina Panthers teammate seeing significant change in Bryce Young

The shift is not going unnoticed.
Bryce Young
Bryce Young / Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

Bryce Young is turning the page positively. He would be wise not to dwell too much on a rookie campaign that fell apart almost instantly aside from a few flashes. The Carolina Panthers remain confident in his chances of becoming a franchise-caliber quarterback, but the self-belief must also be there after such a confidence-sapping season.

The Panthers spared no expense and turned over every stone to ensure Young has a more accomplished supporting cast next time around. Head coach Dave Canales is stripping everything back, focusing on the specific areas of improvement and molding an offensive scheme that will fit his strengths. It's early days and there is a lot of hard work ahead, but all signs are pointing up.

Carolina Panthers seeing a difference in Bryce Young

There also seems to be a different demeanor about Young that isn't going unnoticed by his teammates. Tommy Tremble highlighted the former No. 1 pick's improved focus, better surroundings, and the added conviction in his distribution as positive early traits that the player can build upon as preparations gather pace based on comments via David Newton of ESPN.

"He's throwing the ball with confidence. He's not worried about a thousand things like last year. You saw that deep ball to Adam [Thielen]. He's having fun with it. The ball to Diontae [Johnson] towards the end of practice, he knew he'd made the play before the ball even reached the receiver. So you can see that swag confidence. It's exciting, man. He's got everyone on the field he can trust that he can get the ball to. And having that trust with everybody is going to help him make his decisions and just make the right throw every time."

Tommy Tremble via ESPN

While the criticism across the national media surrounding Young is glaring, the support within the franchise has never wavered.

Players are intelligent enough to realize this was an awful environment for any rookie signal-caller. The Heisman Trophy winner out of Alabama had too many voices in his ear and the coaching staff couldn't get on the same page regarding his growth. Thankfully, things are more positive and stable in equal measure this time around.

The Panthers are expecting Young to bounce back accordingly. Putting these difficult experiences to good use will be an integral part of the process. It was the first time he'd gone through prolonged adversity throughout his football journey. Harnessing this positively could be the springboard behind a more prosperous future.

If Young shows signs of life under Canales' expert guidance, everyone on offense will benefit.

This is also the case with Tremble, who could be the team's No. 1 tight end option until rookie Ja'Tavion Sanders is ready to assume the mantle. It's also a contract year for the Notre Dame product, so developing a rapport with his signal-caller and becoming more influential in the passing game could see a new deal arrive next spring.

There are plenty of unknowns around the Panthers. Canales is confident that improvements can be made as Carolina looks to emerge from rock bottom. But in truth, this organization will only go as far as Young takes them.

That's the long and short of it. After all, the NFL isn't a quarterback-driven league for nothing.