Carolina Panthers want one more missing piece for Bryce Young's support system

Could this help Bryce Young achieve more in 2024?
Dave Canales
Dave Canales / Jacob Kupferman/GettyImages

The Carolina Panthers have thrown all their chips into the middle with Bryce Young this offseason. They've invested heavily in the quarterback's supporting cast throughout free agency and the 2024 NFL Draft. They also have a head coach who'll mold an offensive scheme around his skill set for the first time.

Dave Canales believes there is little to fix with Young despite a turbulent rookie campaign. He understands there were some significant mitigating circumstances attached to his poor production and waning confidence. Adding stability will be paramount to get things trending in the right direction - that's the biggest primary objective above all else. The offseason program is still in its infancy, but everything seems to be on track.

Carolina Panthers want another veteran QB to help Bryce Young

Canales revealed to the media his intention to potentially find another quarterback to provide an extra level of comfort and guidance to Young throughout a critical preparation period. He likes what he saw from undrafted free agent Jack Plummer during Carolina's rookie minicamp, but acquiring additional assistance - someone familiar with the coach's schematic demands - is something the Panthers will keep their eye on based on comments via USA Today Sports.

"What we always like to do is to add people—especially guys that have some kind of exposure to our system. I’m looking for value for the quarterback room. What do they bring for that room? For Bryce [Young], in particular. The good part about Jack [Plummer] is I saw some accuracy, his ability to get up at the line, spit the plays out and all that. So I’m excited about having him being just able to operate that way. But I would certainly feel like we would still have our ears to the ground and see if there’s anybody that might be interested in coming and being a part of what we’re doing."

The Panthers have Andy Dalton as the team's primary backup and mentor. That said, a fresh set of eyes on the program with previous knowledge of Canales' scheme could be invaluable for Young in pursuit of better fortunes.

Whether this means Carolina will take three signal-callers onto their 53-man roster is up for debate. The Panthers had two quarterbacks for the most part last season, opting to waive Matt Corral after just one season rather than give him a roster spot. That could be something Canales changes, but finding the right presence in the room might be difficult at this stage of the offseason.

The need to maximize their investment in Young couldn't be more glaring. Many in the national media have written him off and believe the Panthers made a monumental mistake by drafting the former Heisman Trophy winner out of Alabama over C.J. Stroud. That is not an opinion shared by Canales, who sees something in the signal-caller and feels like his Midas touch could be enough to get things trending in a positive direction.

Having one more veteran piece in the quarterback room is something that could benefit the player greatly. Whether Canales and the Panthers can find someone capable of fitting their specific criteria is another matter.