Is Greg Olsen's endorsement enough to appease Carolina Panthers fans?

The former tight end spoke glowingly about Dan Morgan recently.

Greg Olsen
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Could Greg Olsen's ringing endorsement of Dan Morgan be enough to appease Carolina Panthers fans skeptical about the hiring?

Fans are still trying to digest the news of Dan Morgan's internal promotion. After the Carolina Panthers hired a consultancy firm to help with their hiring process this time around, team owner David Tepper couldn't resist keeping people around from the old regime despite the complete failures on the field and behind the scenes.

Morgan is well-liked within the building and respected in league circles. Being former general manager Scott Fitterer's right-hand man over the last three years seems to be going against him. Removing this stench with solid roster construction and a clear plan for sustainable growth should be the new president of football operations/general manager's objective in the coming months.

Greg Olsen believes Carolina Panthers are in good hands with Dan Morgan

Greg Olsen seems to have plenty of faith in Morgan's ability to lead the Panthers into a prosperous new era. The tight-end turned FOX analyst highlighted his qualities during an appearance on the Pat McAfee Show. These centered on high character, strong will, and personnel evaluation based on comments via USA Today Sports.

"You remove the playing days and you remove the Mike linebacker that wanted to rip your face off, Dan is a really intelligent guy. Cut his teeth through Seattle, then he went to Buffalo for a little bit before he came to Carolina. He’s a really highly-respected guy. He’s very intelligent. I think he uses a lot of his playing days—lessons learned, now he’s carried it into the front office as he’s made his journey now to this position. This dude is like highly intelligent, great communicator, great evaluator of talent. Listen, and I want them to do well. I live here, I want my kids to cheer for the home team. I want them to succeed, and hopefully Dan does that."

Greg Olsen via USA Today Sports
Carolina Panthers
Greg Olsen / Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Olsen is a smart football guy himself. These comments should appease those unsure about the hiring slightly. However, one can't overlook his presence in the team's poor roster construction since returning to the organization.

He was Fitterer's most trusted aide in the front office. Morgan didn't have the final say on moves, but there's a lot of evidence to suggest his influence was substantial compared to others.

It's important to keep an open mind. That's more difficult with the Panthers than almost any other franchise right now given how much Tepper's destroyed everything that made it great once upon a time. But Morgan cares deeply about the organization. He is rooted in the Keep Pounding mantra and should know what needs to be done having watched one of the worst seasons in Carolina's brief history.

Regardless of whether you're for the Morgan promotion or not, everyone should be rooting for him to succeed. This hiring cycle must be the one where Carolina begins making strides forward. It's not going to happen overnight, but evident progress is the minimum requirement to provide the fanbase with some semblance of hope that better days are ahead.

Anything less is a setback that the Panthers simply cannot afford.

Olsen believes in Morgan. Other current and former Panthers players have also given the appointment their seal of approval. But for fans, the best advice would be to proceed with cautious optimism until further notice.