Insiders turn up heat on David Tepper and Carolina Panthers' PR disaster

The radio silence is a complete lack of accountability from David Tepper.

David Tepper
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Two respected insiders turned up the heat on David Tepper and the Carolina Panthers' ongoing PR disaster following Sunday's embarrassing incident.

It's been almost 48 hours at the time of writing since David Tepper brought further disgrace to the Carolina Panthers. The billionaire owner allegedly threw a drink over fans after another humiliating loss. Unfortunately for him, an eagle-eyed observer was filming the incident, which unsurprisingly went viral.

Many want action taken on Tepper. He continues to be a stain on the league. Some are even proclaiming him to be the NFL's worst owner now that Dan Snyder is no longer around.

Carolina Panthers owner David Tepper has shown no accountability

Jonathan Jones of CBS Sports - a man with close ties to the Panthers from his time working at the Charlotte Observer - outlined how strange it was that the franchise's PR employees hadn't cobbled some sort of statement together. The insider also revealed that those around the league are expecting some sanctions to fall on Tepper after his latest act of petulance.

"Talking with folks around the league the last few days, a substantial fine and potential suspension from game(s) has to be on the table for David Tepper from the NFL. That there's been no apology since — not a peep — from the team is unusual, to say the least."

Jonathan Jones via X/Twitter
Carolina Panthers
David Tepper / Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

I think we can all determine why the Panthers haven't issued a statement. Tepper's told them not to. His dictatorial method of running things offers no accountability and leaves those working for him staring down the barrel of social media ridicule, lambasting from the media, and everything in between.

David Newton of ESPN stated there was no change in their stance after putting in a call on Tuesday. Strict instructions have come from the very top of the rotting apple, it seems.

This might be set to transition to the playing and coaching staff, too. Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated brought up another good point worthy of consideration. If Tepper and the Panthers maintain radio silence, Chris Tabor and others set to speak with the beat writers tomorrow are going to face the music on his behalf.

"Some will say Tepper saying something won't do any good. Here's the thing about that—Media access for the week for NFL teams starts tomorrow, so at that point, if Tepper hasn't answered for what it looked like he did, players and coaches he employs will have to. Which is crappy."

Albert Breer via X/Twitter

Doing something so public and then letting others carry the can while shunning the spotlight is almost typical of Tepper's behavior since assuming command of the Panthers. It's a snake-in-the-grass attitude that doesn't fly in the real world. This cowardly demeanor is devoid of any leadership qualities whatsoever.

Being one of the world's richest men means he's detached from reality. Causing an unnecessary distraction after such a pathetic season won't be perceived favorably by his current staff or any prospective employees during the upcoming cycle.

The funniest thing about all this is how hard Tepper's been working the media in recent weeks on damage control. His people have put out reports of the owner looking to change. That he's seen the light and wants to make things work. But the man-child couldn't help himself after seeing his team - the mess he created - get shut out and beaten once for the 14th time in 16 contests.

The NFL needs to take action. Condoning acts such as this sets a dangerous precedent. It blurs the line between what's acceptable between fans and owners. Anything less than a big fine and suspension opens Pandorra's box.

As for Panthers fans? They aren't expecting Tepper to do the right thing. After all, they've been down this road before.